Customized product development
Experienced electronics and software R&D team, provides whole solution with customized hardware, software or integrated product development.
Production of automotive grade products
Certified by IATF16949 system vehicle regulation manufacturing certification, specializing in producing high-quality electronic products.
Automotive electronic product development
has many domestic and foreign achievements in the development of automotive electronics, and its high degree of professionalism meets the functional and safety requirements of automotive products.


Wellysun Electronics provides customized development and production services for professional PCBA Solution Providers. As a software and hardware integration solution provider, we are committed to developing the domestic and foreign electronic control module market. We are certfied by ISO9001 and ISO14001 to produce high-quality electronic products. Our Chinese factory was established in Anhui, China, and certified by IATF 16949, supplying automotive electronic products to many OE car manufacturers in Japan, China, and Taiwan.